I’ve finally got some clay!

Despite my best efforts I hadn’t managed to source any clay since coming to Brunei and with an increasing desire to start head modelling again, it’s been a rather frustrating time. The British Forces Post Office service is amazing but even that has its limitations and it seemed that handling 75kg of clay was a step too far!

 When my husband asked me if there was anything I’d like him to bring back from his American business trip, I’m not entirely sure he was expecting, ‘as much clay as you can carry’ as the response!

 I found a lovely local company in Texas who very helpfully recommended the type of clay they stocked suitable for sculpting. Following a few more emails, they were also kind enough to box it up and deliver it to my husband’s hotel.

 I was expecting that he might manage to bring back about 25kgs. I’ll admit I was hoping, deep down, that he might be able to manage 50kgs but that’s a big ask so I was trying to squash those hopes! When he arrived back he had organized a little treasure hunt for me…

 I whooped with delighted to find the first hidden 25kg box of clay, only to discover a second box and a third! Who would have thought that three boxes/75kgs of clay would make me so happy!

 Head modelling has now started with a vengeance! Phil is sitting for the first one so I can take my time, remember all the measurements I need to take and the process involved and get my modelling eye back in so to speak. Three days in and I already love it.

 I soon realised that the workshop was short of a couple of pieces of equipment and I’ve had to improve the lighting in my studio as well but as is often the case you need to start a project to find these things out.

 Check out www.facebook.com/ZoeBarnettStone for the photos of the project once finished.

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